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Ginny H.K. Walia

Attorney at Law (CA, NY)

Ginny H.K. Walia is a highly successful San Francisco trial attorney with extensive experience in criminal and civil litigation, including family law, throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. With a background as a Public Defender and in private practice, she has handled hundreds of litigations and is recognized for her substantial jury trial record, brilliant mind, and competitive attitude. Walia's expertise extends to federal criminal defense, and she has made frequent appearances as a legal analyst and forensics expert on national TV, notably in high-profile cases like the Scott Peterson trial. Her significant media experience and commendation for legal prowess make her a formidable presence in the courtroom, respected for her command of the law, trial strategy, and advocacy against government corruption. Walia's academic background includes a B.S. in Psychology and a J.D. with honors from Golden Gate University, School of Law, where she graduated at the top of her class and managed a national mock trial team.


Ginny H.K. Walia has handled numerous criminal and civil litigation cases including family law cases throughout the courts of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco trial attorney, Ginny Walia, achieved a high level of success in a relatively short period of time. The firm has reached great heights due to Ms. Walia’s extensive jury trial record, brilliant mind, competitive attitude and a willingness to fight for her clients. She has handled hundreds of litigation cases as a San Francisco Public Defender and in private practice. Federal criminal defense attorney, Ginny Walia has commented as a legal analyst and a forensics expert in well publicized, high profile cases on national television channels. Specifically, Ginny Walia was asked for her legal advice on the DNA evidence that was a part of the Scott Peterson case. In her family law practice, she has handled all types cases including cases involving contentious child custody and complex financial issues.

Ms. Walia’s substantial media experience is useful to protect clients in potentially high-profile cases. When one is involved in litigation, one should be prepared for the possibility of media attention. By having a rare San Francisco attorney with substantial media experience her clients are always aware of media exposure pitfalls before they damage a case. Ms. Walia was also featured as a top story in the leading Bay Area legal newspaper, “The Recorder”. “The Recorder” recognized Ms. Walia as a young and successful criminal defense attorney who has made her way to the top. Ms. Walia was also featured in “The New York Law Journal.”

Ms. Walia has received commendation from well-known trial gurus due to her command of the Evidence Code, trial objections, and strategy. Her courage, command of the law and compassionate demeanor earn her victories in her trial performances. Her tenacity against government corruption has resulted in potentially high-profile criminal charges against her clients being dismissed.

In her federal practice, she has earned the respect of federal judges for presenting the law “like an appellate attorney.” In federal district court, judges hold attorneys to a very high level of professional skill. Ms. Walia exudes talent, intelligence and knowledge while presenting cases on behalf of her clients in federal courts. Ms. Walia’s extensive trial record, media experience, and confident attitude are qualities one needs in their litigation attorney.

Before going into private practice, Ms. Walia worked at the Office of the Public Defender, San Francisco. There, she handled 100s of criminal cases during her participation in their rigorous trial training program. She started her career as a San Francisco criminal defense lawyer. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from UC Davis and a J.D. with Honors Lawyering Program from Golden Gate University, School of Law. Ms. Walia’s competitive attitude made it possible for her to graduate law school with honors in a short span of two years, passing first class with top scores in four classes. While at the University, she also held the responsibility of managing Golden Gate University competitive national mock trial team. As an undergraduate, Ms. Walia tutored Calculus and Genetics to fellow undergraduates for several years at the UC Davis Learning Skills Center.


Family Law
Criminal Defense
Personal Injury

Education & Work Experience

2004 - Present
Founder/Attorney - Ginny Walia Law Offices

2002 - 2004
Deputy Public Defender - San Francisco Public Defender's Office

JD - Golden Gate University School of Law

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