Over 20 Years of California Trial Law Experience

Ginny Walia Law Offices attorneys have handled hundreds of criminal and family court cases throughout the greater San Francisco Area and Central Valley. They are committed to protecting your rights, handling your family law matters, or working to reduce the consequences of your arrest.

Attorney Ginny Walia has successfully handled all types of criminal cases including high profile narcotics cases, gang cases, violent crime, domestic violence, DUI, DMV hearings , rape, child abuse, three-strike law, and white-collar crimes.

Ginny Walia (Founder)


We understand the importance of your goals, which is why we actively listen to your needs, giving you honest and straightforward responses. We acknowledge the challenging circumstances you're facing and will go above and beyond to assist you in any way possible.


We are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing our client's goals within legal boundaries, whether through negotiation, litigation, or any other aspect of legal representation. Our team is always prepared, proactive, and driven to provide passionate representation.


Through our unwavering commitment to transparent communication, we aim to foster a relationship of trust with our clients. We understand that legal terms can be overwhelming, which is why we take the time to explain complex topics in a way that is easy to understand.

Experienced & Focused

Let Our Experience Help You and Your Loved Ones

Family Law

Our experienced Family Law attorneys know that family law goes beyond just a legal process - it's a pivotal moment in your life where the consequences are far greater than just the financial aspect.

Criminal Defense

Our trial attorneys consistently achieve impressive results, whether it's through negotiating with prosecutors to find a resolution or vigorously fighting a case in front of a jury.

Personal Injury

Experiencing a severe accident or losing a loved one due to someone else's negligence can be extremely challenging. Our mission is to assist injured individuals in safeguarding their rights.

Serving San Jose, Fremont, and the Bay Area

Family Law Firm That Cares

When it comes to family law matters, the stress and emotions can be overwhelming. Making important decisions that could have lasting effects on you, your partner, and your children adds to the complexity. If you're dealing with a difficult divorce or any other family law issue, seek the expert advice and support of Ginny Walia Law Offices. As a highly regarded and accessible family law firm, we provide the professional guidance you need to navigate these challenging situations with confidence.

At Ginny Walia Law Offices, we have a proven track record of successfully assisting families in resolving their legal matters. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case will be handled fairly and in your favor.

Aggressive and proactive approach in defending your rights and freedom.

Contact Santa Clara County Federal and State Criminal Defense Lawyer (408) 724-9200

Bay Area Criminal Defense Services

We Fight For Your Rights

Get the best legal representation for your criminal charges. Alameda County Crimianl Defense Atorney Ginny Walia is dedicated to fighting for her clients and ensuring their constitutional rights are protected. Whether you've been charged or simply investigated, her aggressive approach and top-quality services will help minimize the negative consequences.

Don't underestimate the consequences of even a minor criminal charge – it can shape your future. Trust in the expertise of Walia Law Firm's committed and skilled criminal defense attorney to guide you through California's legal system.


What People Say

Ginny took my case when the odds were pretty daunting. She quickly came up with a plan of attack and started tying down loose ends one by one. She kept me focused on the things that really mattered and fought tooth and nail for a favorable outcome which we got eventually.


Criminal & Family Law Case
At trial Ms. Walia showed great professionalism, aggressiveness and sharpness and knowledge to successfully defend me. She is a beautiful person with great ethical values and was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend her to anyone.


Criminal Defense - Restraining Order
She is very detail oriented and spent time in understanding the background of the case. Without sharing too much details Ginny fully understood the situation and put together a strategy to approach the DA’s office and got the case dismissed even before the first hearing.


Criminal Defense - Domestic Violence
Ginny and her team proposed logical and intuitive arguments. These arguments were so persuasive that the judge had no second thoughts in granting the sealing order within a few minutes on the date of the hearing.


Criminal Defense - Sealing of Arrest Record

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