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Arrested for DUI in Pleasanton?

DUI Attorneys at Walia Law Firm provide comprehensive DUI defense services, highlighting their expertise and success in handling DUI cases over two decades. Their approach emphasizes personalized legal strategies tailored to each case, aiming to minimize penalties and safeguard the client's future. They handle a wide range of DUI offenses and are adept at navigating the complexities of DUI charges, including first-time offenses, multiple DUIs, and more serious charges like felony DUIs.

Their defense strategies cover possible issues like improper stops, faulty breathalyzer tests, and medical conditions that might affect BAC readings, ensuring a rigorous defense for their clients. You need to start working on your case right away. If you do not request a hearing within ten days of your arrest your license will automatically be suspended by the DMV. Call Walia Law Firm now at (408) 724-9200 for a free consultation about your Plesanton DUI case and DUI defense strategy.

Pleasanton DUI Lawyer

DUI Charges and Their Penalties

According to California Vehicle Code 23152, DUI cases generally start as misdemeanors. However, the presence of additional criminal charges can heighten the complexity of a case, leading to more severe charges and penalties. Among the prevalent DUI charges, there are several you might encounter. Those include:

  • Having a BAC of .15% or higher
  • Driving under the influence at an excessive speed
  • Driving under the influence with a child in the car
  • Driving under the influence in a construction zone
  • Driving under the influence in an accident that injures or kills another person
  • Having prior DUI convictions
  • Being on probation for a prior DUI
  • Refusing to submit to a chemical test
  • Driving under the influence with a suspended license
  • Driving under the influence with a commercial driver’s license

The penalties for DUI charges can be severe, including fines, jail time, and license suspension. The penalties increase with each subsequent DUI conviction. The attorneys at Walia Law Firm are experienced in handling these cases and can help you navigate the complexities of DUI charges, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

Below table shows the penalties for DUI charges in California:

DUI OffenseJail/PrisonFineProbationary TermsLicense SuspensionIIDDUI School
First DUI≤ 6 mos$390-1,0003 - 5 yrs4 mos - 1 yr6 mos3 or 9 mos
Second DUI96 hrs - 1 yr$390-1,0003 - 5 yrsUpto 2 yr1 yr18 or 30 mos
Third Offense≤ 1 yr jail or 16 mos in state prison$390-1,0003 - 5 yrsUpto 3 yrs2 yrs30 mos
Fourth or Subsequent16 mos to 3 yrs in state prison$390-1,0003 - 5 yrsUpto 4 yrs3 yrs30 mos

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Pleasanton DUI Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been arrested for DUI in the City of Pacific. What should I do?

Before your court appearance, it's critical to meet with a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer in Pleasanton. The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe, including license revocation, incarceration, financial penalties, obligatory ignition interlock device installation, and mandatory SR-22 insurance. Despite potential delays in case processing in Pleasanton, the DMV intends to suspend your driving privilege 30 days after arrest, regardless of whether charges have been filed. To challenge this suspension, you must request a hearing within 10 days of your arrest.

When dealing with a DUI charge in Pleasanton, it's essential to have a lawyer who is deeply knowledgeable about both Alameda County and California DUI laws and local court practices. The legal nuances, such as the specific approach of the Alameda County bench towards the admissibility of breath test results and refusal evidence, play a crucial role. An attorney experienced in these areas can effectively navigate your case, especially with recent updates like the Draeger breath test equipment, and how to question its accuracy strategically.

Which location in Pleasanton will process my case?

Legal proceedings for DUI arrests in Pleasanton typically occur at the Alameda County Superior Court. For those arrested in Pleasanton, court appearances are usually scheduled at the East County Hall of Justice, situated in Dublin on 5151 Gleason Drive Dublin, CA 94568.

What factors influence the outcome of a DUI trial?

The outcome of a DUI case can depend on several variables, including the presence and results of a breath test, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels, performance on Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs), any admission of alcohol consumption, whether passengers were in the vehicle, and how the individual interacted with law enforcement. In Pleasanton, securing a lawyer with expertise in DUI defense and familiarity with the Pleasanton and Alameda County Court systems is crucial.